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Cannabis Sector Stocks Surge

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Speculators are in the money.  The market offers opportunities and timing is everything.  The Cannabis Sector came alive today on sector leader (GWPH) GW Pharmaceuticals tradin up 120% on massivevolume with news of successful treating a form of using cannabis-based drug. (ZYNE) which features a synthetic cannabinoid closed up 150% on major volume.

This is big news.  The sector is a favorite of traders and speculators.  There was carry over into a variety of other well known symbols in the space.   (HEMP) , (CBDS)  & (GRNH) as well as others had dynamic upside intraday volume into today’s close.  This is creating a lot of excitement in the space.  Will stocks open strong on big volume or correct in the A.M.

GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution is being referred to as a diamond in the rough.  GRCU recently completed a 130 to 1 reverse split and is now trading at .04 3/14/2016.  Analyst prediction a significant amount of upside for the lesser known pink sheet.  Rumor has it, GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution is launching a series of new innovative products as well as doing partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry.

This is clearly an interesting time for the industry and we will see if today’s volume was simply a puff in the air or the real thing leading to a sustained bull rally in the MJ Sector Space.  Our eyes are on the majors and smaller plays like GRCU Green Cures & Botanical Distribution into summer of 2016.



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