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Investor Spotlight Daily features electronic financial publications & content dissemination through;

Marketwire, Accesswire & GlobeNewswire. This Press disseminator is received by thousands of active

small cap & emerging micro-cap growth investors daily.


Additionally, Investor Spotlight Daily distributes published content online through a proprietary network

of brokers,trading desks, small cap & emerging micro cap fund managers.


Investor Spotlight Daily is a a content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a large

distributed system of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centers via the Internet. The goal of

Investor Spotlight Daily CDN is to present analytical financial data to small cap & emerging microchip

growth investors with high availability and high performance.


Investor Spotlight Daily uses Search engine optimization (SEO) as a process of affecting the visibility of

published content or article on a small cap or emerging growth company’s often referred to as “natural,”

“organic,” or “earned” results.